A call to a journey of love and solidarity

The Missionary Church of St Dionysios on Olympos since its establishment has fought with the support of its members and faithful supporters of the Missionary Church to offer a better tomorrow to the children in Africa. It is through a variety of actions that we seek to make love and solidarity a reality.

This venture, however, requires mutual understanding, as well as everyone’s involvement. It is sad to say the least that in the 21st century, an age of scientific and technological achievements, there are still people who do not have clean water to drink, food to eat, a school to receive an education, let alone the proper facilities such as desks, and books.

It is paramount that we all take part in this call by registering with the Association. Members via their monthly subscription fees can offer constant aid for the realization of various actions in Tanzania. Through everyone’s small monetary contribution, the clinic and the orphanage can continue to operate, and more and more children can go to school so as to receive an education that will offer them a better tomorrow, because they are our future!

Follow the link below and check how to sign up; more information can be found on our website.