Our Association was established in July 2017 aiming at supporting of the Missionary Work in Africa.

On the 17th of November in 2016, the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria elected Priestmonk Agathonikos, member of the brotherhood of the Holy Monastery of St. Dionysius of Olympus, to be the first pastor of the newly-established Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania. Since then, a difficult and multifaceted work of offer and sacrifice has begun in Central Tanzania, in the heart of Africa.

The love and concern of Elder Maximos and the brothers of the Holy Monastery of St. Dionysius of Olympus, where our Association is based, but also the reverence of many pious people for our Most Reverend Bishop Agathonikos, led to the establishment of the Association “Missionary Shelter (Ierapostoliki Stegi) St. Dionysius of Olympus”, aiming at supporting the Missionary Work, for the dissemination of the Gospel and the material support of our distressed brothers in Africa.

Since then, with the love and support of the members, works of love for our native brothers and sisters have been realized and continue being realized. Yet, above all, we participate in the struggle to spread the Gospel, so that the testimony of Christ is daily given in faraway Africa. At the same time, we try to respond also to various needs within our country.


The Board of Directors of the Association consists of the here in below – mentioned members:

  • President: Archimandrite Maximos Kyritsis, Abbot of the Holy Monastery of St. Dionysius of Olympus
  • Vice-President:  Archimandrite Porphyrius, Protosyncellus of the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania
  • Vice-President Emeritus:  Archimandrite Varnavas, Protosyncellus of the Holy Metropolis of Kitros, Katerini and Platamon
  • Secretary: Manos Georgios, Pensioner Teacher
  • Treasurer: Protopresbyter (Archpriest) Angelos Giannikis, serving as Priest-in-charge of the Holy Church of St. Nikolaos of Litohoro
  • Member: Asimina Pouliou, Member of the Municipal Council of Katerini
  • Member: Stergiani Dalamitra, Private Sector Employee

The term of office of this BoD expires on the 4th ofJuly 2023.