The never-ending battle for solidarity

Pictures documenting the care-packages prepared with love by the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania that are bound for parishes of the Iringa region. Indigenous volunteers of the Iringa Missionary Centre prepare the meals with special care, which will be distributed with extra attentiveness on Sunday so as to cater to the needs of hundreds of families.

Expressing interest for the students of the Diocese, the Most Reverend Bishop of Arusha and Central Tanzania, Mr. Agathonikos, the distribution of school goods and stationary products for the needs of the financially weak families of the area is underway.

Footwear was also provided to young children who visited the Iringa Missionary Centre.

The offerings of food, school supplies and footwear were donated by:

-Lagos family in memory of Konstantinos

-Anonymously in memory of Antonis, Eirinis, Dionysis, and Nikolaos.