It is a great thing for one to experience the Grace of God, which is pervasive in every Divine Liturgy in Africa. The joy of people, young and old, when they come to the Divine Liturgy is in describable. One sees orphaned children carrying their little sibling on their backs or elderly people walking many kilometers for this coveted encounter with Christ!

In Africa, the brothers and sisters participate throughout the Divine Liturgy and the rest of the services by chanting together and thus creating a particularly devout atmosphere that appeals to the soul and motivates it to prayer and mystical praise and supplication. This is the mystagogy of Africa!

All this reminds us of the life of the early Christians. Moments from the life of the early Church are being revived in every corner of Africa. A custom of the early Christians was also the “agapes (love feasts)”. Namely meal feasts that followed the Divine Liturgy. Thisty picon (rite) is revived in every eucharistic gathering in Africa. The Divine Liturgy is always followed by the material food, which is an offer of our brothers and sisters from Greece.

Many members of our Associations end money for the performance of the Divine Liturgy and the offering of a meal either for the health or for the rest of the souls their loved ones. Even approximately 1000 people can dine at these humble offering of meals. After all, Africa is a big stomach, which you must first fill and then talk to it about God, as His Grace Agathonikos Bishop of Arusha says.

A little rice, beans and (seldom) meat spread smiles to thousands of our brothers and sisters…!