Domestic Charitable Action

Being well aware of the situation within our country, at times of financial and spiritual crisis, we cannot remain unmoved by the needs of our brothers.

The actions of our Association within Greece:

  • Support to homeless
  • Assistance to prisoners
  • Assistance to families in emergency
  • Financial support to students from needy families

The love to our brothers knows no borders, no color, no race. It is constant and springs from sensitive hearts that love God and His creature, man!

Assistance to low-income families:

One of the actions of our Association is the assistance of needy families. Food, medicine and clothes are distributed in a constant effort to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters who face many difficulties in their day-to-day life. We also participate, as much as possible, in the household expenses by paying the utility bills, i.e. electricity, water supply, etc. Our contribution to the financial support of students, who are members of needy families, for the completion of the studies with the aim of a “better” future is also significant.

This action is implemented with the personal work of Mrs Olympia Koiou, as she is greatly concerned about supporting needy families and we deeply thank her for that!

With a smile in the service of our fellow human beings!

Cooperation with other bodies and associations:

  • “METAMORPHOSIS” Therapeutic Group

The “METAMORPHOSIS” guest house (ConsultingSupportforAddicts – C.S.A.) was established on the initiative of the Holy Monastery of St. Dionysius of Olympus, as a result of the long-lasting service of the Priestmonk Makarios, one of the brothers of the Monastery, in the “sensitive area” of supporting addicts.

Addiction, as a modern social curse, does not seems to liein substances or addictive behaviors, but rather in something much deeper that goes back to the way a person thinks, namely the way he/she filters and processes the stimuli around and within him/her. The person who is actively addicted is slowly becoming a prey to obsessions and compulsion. In “METAMORPHOSIS– C.S.A.” a closed, “dry”, non-opioid substitution therapy program for the personal development of the guests is implemented. The program, which lasts six to eight months, has a strict structure and is based on a combination of therapeutic techniques applied by specialized psychologists – counselors.

Since its establishment back in 2010, the therapeutic group is housed at Nea Ephessos, Pieria, and the operating costs are exclusively covered by donations of members, friends and donors, who selflessly surround our work and help supporting it. In this arduous effort, which lies not only in the physical but primarily in mental therapy, the group that assists “METAMORPHOSIS – C.S.A.) hopes to increase the contribution of the people, who, with their financial support, may be a key pillar of the action there of and to eventually make it an oasis in the desert of addiction.

The motivation for the arduous effort is the growing number of people who, thanks to the help offered to them, now enjoy their freedom away from active addiction and have smoothly integrated into society. The work that is done is not only physical therapy but also spiritual and mental.

You may visit the page of the “METAMORPHOSIS” group on Facebook