When dreams come true…

Pantelis is from Iringa, Tanzania. He is an active member of the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania. He serves at the right pulpit of the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary in Arusha; he caters for the decency of the church and actively supports every initiative and action of the Most Reverend Bishop Mr. Agathonikos.

Pantelis is also a child-victim of the tragic reality of Africa. He has worked hard since a very young age alongside his mother and siblings for his family’s survival. By God’s good grace, Pantelis’ struggles and efforts were rewarded and today we are proud to see him as a graduate of the IT Department of the University of Arusha.

The Most Reverent Bishop Mr. Agathonikos was a pillar of moral support for Pantelis, as he is with all his spiritual children, vigilantly overseeing their spiritual, religious and humane development. A constant supporter in this venture was also the Missionary House of Agios Dionysios on Olympos via their scholarship for the continuation of Pantelis’ education.

We are especially happy about the progress and development of this sweet boy and by God’s grace we wish him the best and may God bless him in his endeavors! Let us all continue to support the with the same zeal the educational efforts of our Ministry’s mission, as investing in one’s education posits solid foundations for a bright future. Besides, all children have a right to an education.