Memorial for our doctor…

The 4-day memorial service in memory of our doctor Louka Ngallah was held on Sunday, 18th April 2021 at the Iringa Missionary Centre. Clergy and people of the Holy Diocese of Arusha attended the Divine Liturgy praying for the eternal rest of our doctor.

According to the Most Reverend Bishop Mr. Agathonikos, the blessed Loukas left an unfulfilled gap regarding the function of the clinic. Aside from his medical obligations he was a close associate of the Bishop in all areas of the Diocesan missionary work. His interventions were key and effective granting solutions to many problems that arose. We are certain that he is continues to pray for everyone’s well-being even from heaven and we hope that God will have mercy on this struggling corner and will show us a way to continue offering medical services to all our brothers in need, especially the young children.

After mass, food was offered to all those who were present and came to pray for our brother Louka.