Relay-race of love

One of the basic fundamental items we can offer our brothers in Africa is food and meal drives. The daily struggle to procure food is not a fair fight. There are many children in Africa who return home from school and do not find a hot meal. It is for these children that we must continue our efforts.

It may be that the consistent updates on the meals and care-packages that are disseminated may be tiring, but many of our brothers, and friends of the Mission, are touched by the efforts we make and the aid we offer in the hopes of keeping this relay-race of love going. In line with this mission, once again more food items were distributed including rice, beans, biscuits, care-packages to families, school supplies for students were procured and a grand foodbank for hundreds of our brothers and young children with the blessing and supervision of Sister Eirini from Romania – who for years has been involved in similar efforts with the Iringa Missionary Centre, thus relieving thousands of orphan children.

Our most recent efforts are offerings of our brothers:

-Vasiliki Lapata in memory of Georgios, Eleftherios, Maria and Vasiliki

-Anonymously in memory of Dimitris