Supporting children’s education

We continue to support the efforts of the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania in the educational sector. Receiving an education is one of the greatest offerings we can provide to the children of Africa. Many children from the poorer families of the Iringa region do not have access to education given the high tuition costs. Therefore, we constantly strive to cover the needs of these children in terms of school supplies including notebooks, bookbags, pencils, pens, etc.

Volunteers from the Iringa Missionary Centre visited the villages of Indodi and Mapogoro and distributed school supplies to the children. Their reward, the smiles on the faces of those children. Even the younger students got their gifts. Drawing notebooks, colored pencils, and markers which they hugged and treasured as if they were the most precious items on Earth!

Packages with food items were also distributed to hundreds of families that visited the parishes of the villages in the effort to provide as many of our brothers as we can with a proper meal and decent living conditions.

The food packages were an offering from our brothers:

-Matoulas Papoutsi in memory of Georgios, Anna, Theodoros, Chrysoula, Antonis and Paraskevi

-Ioannis Amanatidis in rest/memory of his grandparents Alexis, Ioannis, Alexandra, Maria and Sofia.