A meal in memory of our brothers

In the Iringa Missionary Centre, the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania with the blessings of Bishop Agathonikos, the dissemination of food to our brothers, both young and old, orthodox and non-orthodox continues. Besides, love and solidarity towards our fellow man has no bounds and does not exclude any color, religion, etc.

It was during this time that a food-drive was offered at the Iringa Missionary Centre with the offerings of some of our brothers from Greece:

-Maria in favor of relatives resting

-Anonymously in memory of Parthenios, Maria and Theodoros

-Maria, in memory of her parents Dimitrios and Xristina

We would like to express our gratitude towards all the friends of the Missionary Centre and all the members of the Association for their constant support in the work we are doing in Central Tanzania, particularly in the Holy Diocese of Arusha, where we seek to offer a plate of food to all children that visit the Missionary Centre on a daily basis, who attend mass and who come to play! Let us all continue spreading smiles and love…