A ‘different’ type of sweet…

In some corners of the world, there are children who do not have toys, computers, cell phones, etc. A ‘toy’ for them would be a pitchfork and a shovel…in their daily struggle for survival and procurement of basic goods…A difficult even inhumane life. Nothing is reminiscent of the carefree joys of our children. And yet, in the bright and smiling faces of African children one can see the reflection of innocence that we all forget.

Their team games have something ‘different’ in comparison to ours. Soccer balls made of bundled plastic and paper, toy cars made of wood or plastic cups. And as a treat, one piece of candy that is divided into numerous smaller pieces so that all siblings will have a taste.

The most common treat is sugarcane, which they chew on just to get a sense of its sweet taste. So, what does it matter that they don’t have pastry shops and extravagant desserts? The sweetness of their soul lessens the pain of the daily inhuman struggles. We can make their daily life more beautiful! Let our heart guide us in this venture! It is worth it!