Children of the Masai tribe get baptized

The faithful Orthodox members of the Masai tribe in the Iringa area graciously and with joy participate in mass and the other events that are organized by the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania whilst they also attribute a unique African tone to them.

The Masai of Tanzania who are members of the Holy Diocese of Arusha, have willingly accepted the Orthodox faith and are always seeking God’s word and the teachings of the Most Reverend Bishop Mr. Agathonikos so as to learn more about the richness of the Orthodox faith!

Parents of the Masai tribe accompanied their children to the Iringa Missionary Centre to receive the Holy Baptism from the indigenous priests, Kosmas and Anastasios. It is very touching to see so many new members joining the holy Orthodox family.

Let us pray that these precious creatures have a blessed life in God’s name and may joy accompany them in spite of the daily difficulties of their environment!