Wishes for the mother of orphans…

On the 5th of May, the day of the Great Holy Martyr Irene, our sister nun Irene from Romania celebrates her name day, while tirelessly helping the Iringa orphans; she is known as the tireless mother. In recent years, Sister Irene has been serving and offering herself to serve the needs of the orphan children of Central Tanzania. She welcomes everyone at the Mission Centre of Kindamali, sees to their food, their enrollment in a school and even their medical care, all with the blessings of the Bishop Mr. Agathonikos.

The memory of St. Irene was celebrated in the church of the same name in the village Mkoga in the Iringa region, where a traditional meal was offered. The meal was an offering by:

-I. & Θ.Π. family in favor of health for Ioannis, Theodoulis, Lamprini, Dimitris, Fotis, Anastasios, Ioannis, for the eternal rest of Anastasios and in favor of the procreation for Lamprini

-our sister Theodora Stafida, in memory of Ioannis, Xanthi, Athanasios, Theodoros and Nikolaos