The feast of Epiphany in Tanzania

His Eminence Bishop Agathonikos of Arusha and Central Tanzania was attended the Holy Church of Saint Panteleimon at Ilalasiba, during the celebration of Epiphany. All the inhabitants of the village went to the church in order to meet their Bishop, to attend the liturgy and get sanctified. The commission of blessing of the Holy Water was unprecedented and their souls were full of joy, which was sketched on their faces.

After the liturgy and the blessing of the Holy Water, a meal was offered by:

The family Foliou, in loving memory of Georgios and Stergianni

The family Itsiou, in loving memory of Konstantinos

On the other side of the prefecture of Iringa, at the village Masegke, the believers attended the Liturgy of Epiphany and after the commission of blessing of the Holy Water, the priests visited the houses to offer the Holy Water to the families. The hymn of the day was sounded in every corner of the village, and the families welcomed the priests. Blessed moments that have branched of the limits of the traditionally orthodox villages and reach the whole Tanzania, where the orthodox tradition is spreaded out, through the help we all offer.

Best wishes for blessing. Happy sanctification!