Joyful welcome to 2023

The new year has just shot his first beams of light at the world and all the people were extremely happy. Wishes for a new hopeful year spreaded out. The first day of the year and the memory of Saint Basil the Great was celebrated at the Church dedicated to his name at the village Niamichou, in the same cheerful mood.

During the Liturgy, where took part in all the inhabitants of the village and the believers from the area, His Eminence Bishop Agathonikos of Arusha and Central Tantania proceeded to the ordainment of the pious believer Theodoros as server. A new worker of the Lord’s vineyard came to the hieratic family of the Diocese in Arusha for a good apostolate in the Mission.

His Eminence, along with the sermons for the new server, he did not omit to mention the meaning of this double celebration, emphasizing to Saint Basil, protector of the parish of Niamichοu. He also wished to all the people in Greece and around the globe that support the Mission in the Diocese of Arusha happy and hopeful new year, full of acts of love to the others, personal and familial happiness, by the grace of God!

After the liturgy it was offered meal by:

Giannota Andromachi, in loving memory of her husband Christos

Anonymous in loving memory of Konstantinos, Theodoros, Dimitrios and Eleni.