Christmas gifts to Tanzanian families

A few days before Christmas, we are all busy preparing for the festive meal, which shall be an occasion of joy and meeting for the whole family. In Africa, many are the families that donot have the “necessary” goods, as is the case in the “civilized” societies. Nevertheless, the joy is manifest and is endlessly pouring from the soul and the bright faces of young and old people.

In anticipation of Christmas, the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania, responding to the growing needs of the simple-minded people of Iringa, proceeded to the distribution of food in order to have food on as many tables as possible on this day.

Some rice, chicken, milk and shoes (shoes, slippers) for the young children offered smiles to all our brothers and sisters in may villages of the Iringa district, who were grateful to their brothers and sisters from Greece, who, out of love and despite the existing difficulties, support the work of the Mission.

The food distributed is an offer of:

  • Marianthi Gkiata, in memory of her husband Vassilios and her mother Ekaterini;
  • Eleni Roussou, in memory of her brother Ioannis;
  • Ekaterini Christaki, in memory of Filippos, Georgia and Panagiotis;
  • Anonym donors in memory of: Christos, Athanasios, Konstantinos, Antonios, Dimitrios, Elisabeth, Georgios, Christos, Efstratia and Antonios.
Food delivery to Tanzanian villages