A new parish in Tanzania

A year ago, a group of people from Sigkinda, on the west of Tanzana, visited us in Arusha, in order to learn about the real belief. Afterwards, we visited their region many times and they came to us to be indoctrinated and be prepared appropriately, so they can be baptized. One of them, an old orthodox believer, was ordained as Deacon and will be the Priest of this new orthodox parish in the future.

One year after our first meeting, the construction of a new church for the service of the believers was necessary, as this region is at a distance of 400klm. Our first thought was emerged. Moving forward to the will of God with faith, since His hand made our headway to Sigkinda and anticipating to the constant support of all of the members of the Association, we decided to proceed to the construction of the church in honor of St Nektarios.

Then, the phone rang and the cheerful message came. We found the donator and the church of St Nektarios was founded in Sigkinda and in the hearts of the believers, under the blessing of His Eminence Bishop of Arusha and Central Tanzania Agathonikos. Currently, the construction works are completed, while next to the Church it is constructed a place for the christenings. 

These events encourage us, so we can all together continue the blessing effort of the Missionary Shelter, by putting a little stone for the building of the Church and deposing a piece of our heart, which is food for the hungry one, water for the thirsty one, medicine for the poor one. Let’s all support the Orthodox Missionary Shelter, so that the Light of Jesus’s Birth will shine in every corner of Africa and all the world.