We, the Missionary Shelter, welcome the appointment of a new member of the Orthodox Missionary service in Central Tanzania. Fr. ErmolaosIatrou, having a long-lasting experience with his service in missionary delegations in Africa, settled with his family in Dodoma, the new capital of Tanzania, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania. With the blessing of his Grace Bishop Agathonikos, the first attempts to find a temporary place of residence, where the holy services and the Divine Liturgy shall be celebrated, were initiated.

Dodoma is a city where no permanent Orthodox presence existed until now. The central services of the state and the largest universities of the country are found there. The presence of the Orthodox Church is deemed necessary in this city, which, due to its character and the structures that it hosts, is a central point of reference for all citizens of Tanzania.

As of the day of his enthronement, his Grace Bishop Agathonikos of Arusha and Central Tanzania envisioned the establishment of a Mission Center in the capital of the country, where the higher educational institutions are located, and through which a significant percentage of the young people of Tanzania pass. The young people of the country are its future. Everybody’s hopes on a better future lie in their hand. It is our duty to offer or better to pass on to these children the unwaning light of the Resurrection of Christ, that the hearts of the people who have faith and hope is overflowing with!

In order to meet the basic needs, a space has been rented to serve, for the time being, as the residence of Fr. Ermolaos, at the courtyard of which prefabricated houses shall be placed, which shall temporarily house the Church, the translation center and a guest house for the people serving there and the catechists.

Efforts are already being made in order for a plot to be found, upon which a Mission Center is to be built so that Orthodoxy be established and acquire an appropriate presence in the capital of the country.

Let us whole heartedly support the overall effort made at the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania solely aiming to spread the Gospel and support our native brothers and sisters!