Love meals in Central Tanzania

With the donations of the members of the Missionary Shelter and the friends of the Mission, love meals are held in Central Tanzania, at the Holy Diocese of Arusha. It is aregular practice to serve meals after the Divine Liturgy at the various villages, to distribute food to needy families and to offer small daily meals to the children who come to the Iringa Mission Center.

Meals were recently held in the greater area of Iringaas a donation of our brothers and sisters:

  • Athanasios Karanasiou, for the health of their new born childas an expression of joy, which they wanted to share with the Iringa orphans,
  • Ioannis Amanatidis, in honor and memory of the Most Holy Lady Theotokos,
  • Anonymous, in the memory of Klearchos and Irene