For the Ministry of the Church and the Holy Diocese!

The brotherhood of the Holy Monastery of Agios Dionysios on Olympos rejoices and celebrates the entry of our brother Monk Maximos into the Ministry of Christ. The ordination took place on Saturday, 27th February 2021, during the first celebration of the memory of Saint Ephraim of Katounakiotos. Officiating was the Most Reverend Bishop of Arusha and Central Tanzania, Mr. Agathonikos, the Elder spiritual father of the newly ordained, Elder Maximos and the President of the Missionary Housing. We the members of the board of the Missionary Home express our warmest wishes to our newly ordained brother, who has dedicated his life without hesitation completely to our Lord and to the ministry of our African brothers and to the Mission near the Elder of Bishop Mr. Agathonikos.

Priest-deacon Maximos, our prayers are with you. With the embassies of Agios Dionysios, Agios Maximos the Confessor and Saint Ephraim of Katounakiotos and all the Saints, let us exclaim: Worthy! Anastahili!