Constant provision of food

The provision of food to the poor villages of the Iringa region, which is also plighted by the Coronavirus, is unwavering.

For thousands of families and orphans, the constant work of volunteers from the Iringa Missionary Centre of the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania is what grants them their sole source of daily food. Which is why they flock to the Missionary Centre seeking aid. The Coronavirus is just one more item amongst the thousands of dangerous and deadly diseases that threaten the lives of the young and old.

Let us all assist them in this unfair battle between health and malnutrition…Daily, many of our brothers, from Greece and other areas abroad, hear our call and offer their assistance in these difficult times.

Recently, food was distributed in the village of Njihi, another offering from our brothers in Germany, who alongside Ms Sara Amantidou’s group have always supported our efforts:

-Panagiotis, Maria and their children and kin in favor of health

-Annie, Aris, Marios, Fillippos in favor of health

We are grateful to our brothers in Germany who in spite of various challenges make a tremendous effort so that everyone together can offer a hot meal, medicine, toys and even chocolates to the thousands of children in Africa.